How to Immediately Increase Your Words Per Minute Speed by 10

Here’s a quick tip that will automatically increase your reading speed by 10 words per minute. That means that every 10 minutes, you will gain 100 words over everyone else. Pretty good, right? It’s very easy, very simple, and it only takes a second. So here’s what you do… Before you read an article, identify […]

How to Build Effective Rapport

Every single person must and has built rapport at some time in their life. Whether the rapport is affective or ineffective is their choice. When building effective rapport you must: Use proper use of language Use attentive body language Amplification your language When using the proper use of language, you must conduct and use appropriate […]

Cut Yourself Some Slack

How many of you feel that you have so many different responsibilities in your life, that you cannot possibly make it all work. You may be focusing on work obligations while trying to keep your household up and running. All of this running around creates a feeling of hopelessness. I have seen it countless times […]

Empowering The Right Sex – She Can Change Her World

As a single mother, I faced many challenges in daily life such as keeping a roof over our heads, making ends meet, maintaining a full time job, a house, my sanity, and most importantly, providing a warm, loving and supportive home for my two girls. It was important for me to be strong for my […]

You’ve Got 83 Problems

Here’s a little story… Many centuries ago, the Buddha was sitting meditating under a tree when he was approached by a disciple. The man, who appeared to be in an agitated state, said he had a problem and he wanted the Buddha to help him solve it. He went away after the Buddha told him […]

Life Of A Man Working At Home

You know what they say, a job alone will not make you any richer. What you have been from the beginning is what you will most likely be in the future. As sad as it may sound, that is a truth that a lot of individuals that have to face; particularly the broke ones. Now, […]

Why Adults Need to Say No, or Ten Ways to an Early Grave

I first wrote this in 2002, and nothing seems to have changed since then. As a typical American in any state, you are probably so enmeshed, willingly and unwillingly, in such a multitude of activities that you may as well be caught in a spider’s web. Just try to make an independent move without setting […]