Goal Setting

Living With A Narcissistic Lawyer

Although it sounds like a bad lawyer joke, believe me it is no picnic living with a narcissistic attorney, especially if he is a litigator. Some of the qualities of an aggressive litigator are indicative of narcissism: arrogance, aggressiveness, self-entitlement, and grandiosity, just to name a few. Let’s be clear: having a big ego is […]

The Power of Thoughts on Destiny

The average person experiences frustration because he wants to change what he does not have the power to change. The average person is trying to change other people. We believe things would change for us if others changed. We try to change situations and circumstances, yet it is easier to change oneself than to change […]

Have You Outgrown Your Life?

It’s my 50th birthday and I am sitting in the living room of my dear friend who has lovingly gathered several of my friends together to celebrate. I am looking out the window somewhere else altogether. I am not interested in anything that my friends are saying, and I am yearning for someone to say […]

What’s Not Perfect Yet?

The question, “What not perfect yet?” is one of the most empowering tool to implement improvement in our life. It’s a key question for self-improvement. It’s a key question to improve our business, our relationships and our overall effectiveness. It’s a question that should be asked whenever some planning is done. It’s a question that […]

The Truth – It Ain’t Necessarily So!

Most of the time we live in a fish bowl of our belief system, we KNOW something is true, and we never test it. We KNOW that hard work breeds success. Not true! We KNOW that success breeds success. Not true! We KNOW that going out with wet hair gives you a cold “my mom […]

Mastering Your Mind for Success Using Subliminal Power

If you wish to exploit your full potential in all aspects of your life, then subliminal power is the key to turn your life around in a great way, for the better. This is perhaps the only way that you can reap the most out of subliminal technology, a phenomenon that is getting very popular […]

Depression – The Effect Of Twisted Thinking

If you are feeling depressed, it could be the effect of “twisted thinking”. There are many different twisted ways of thinking, but here I want to talk about two, overgeneralisation and the mental filter. If you can catch yourself making these errors, you can use strategies to overcome and dramatically improve your depression. The first […]