Goal Setting

Is Your Brain Chemistry Out of Balance? 10 Clues

Your brain chemistry drives you – it drives your energy levels, your moods, your thoughts, actions, behaviors, your beliefs, your desires, dreams, and motivations. And in turn these all drive your brain chemistry. Peak performance starts with understanding our body’s physiology. Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, create and reflect our feelings moods,

Your Inner Strength

Your inner strength is where you draw your power from. It could be from past experiences that you learned from, it could be from faith in yourself, or from your faith in your religion. Your inner strength is constantly evolving. As the New Year approaches you anticipate the changes that this New Year will bring […]

Be Immune to the Good or Bad Opinion of Others

We like it when people praise us and we don’t like it when people condemn us. The secret to your spiritual growth comes when you become immune to both the praise and the condemnation. The law of attraction is at work at all times and it comes into play when you are concerned about the […]

Living With A Narcissistic Lawyer

Although it sounds like a bad lawyer joke, believe me it is no picnic living with a narcissistic attorney, especially if he is a litigator. Some of the qualities of an aggressive litigator are indicative of narcissism: arrogance, aggressiveness, self-entitlement, and grandiosity, just to name a few. Let’s be clear: having a big ego is […]

The Power of Thoughts on Destiny

The average person experiences frustration because he wants to change what he does not have the power to change. The average person is trying to change other people. We believe things would change for us if others changed. We try to change situations and circumstances, yet it is easier to change oneself than to change […]

Have You Outgrown Your Life?

It’s my 50th birthday and I am sitting in the living room of my dear friend who has lovingly gathered several of my friends together to celebrate. I am looking out the window somewhere else altogether. I am not interested in anything that my friends are saying, and I am yearning for someone to say […]

What’s Not Perfect Yet?

The question, “What not perfect yet?” is one of the most empowering tool to implement improvement in our life. It’s a key question for self-improvement. It’s a key question to improve our business, our relationships and our overall effectiveness. It’s a question that should be asked whenever some planning is done. It’s a question that […]