SynchroDestiny by Deepak Chopra

SynchroDestiny by Deepak ChopraSynchroDestiny is the new, life-changing program by Deepak Chopra. If you have read or watched anything in the field of self-improvement and changing your life then you must have heard of the name of Deepak Chopra. A pioneer and well known name in the alternative health field, Deepak has spent his life trying to pass on his knowledge and teach as many people as possible how to live Read more →

When to Stop and Breathe

When to Stop and BreatheMoments approaching exhaustion we suddenly discover we’re not as invincible as we thought we were, or wish we could be. Too many have gone to the brink of burnout only to find they lost sight of their limits; too early did that limit come, even though, tantalisingly, our limits are far above where we initially think they are.

As a young man I was an avid bodybuilder. I was constantly amazed Read more →

Achieve All You Desire With Creative Visualization

Achieve All You Desire With Creative VisualizationCreative visualization is known as an incredibly well recognised strategy and allows us to have exactly what one wants in daily life by employing our creative imagination. It’s not a different idea. The reality is all of us make use of it in our daily lives. Everyone has the natural ability to picture precisely how we would like circumstances to be wonderful for all of us. By means of our own imagination Read more →

Don’t Be an Acting Class Groupie

Don't Be an Acting Class GroupieMany actors at the beginning stages of their careers spend a lot of energy trying to study with anyone and everyone who they think can help their career. Often, it is misplaced use of energy and resources. Training is essential but there comes a time when it’s necessary to leave the nest and start an actual career, booking acting jobs. Similarly, many actors run after an agent Read more →

Having a Good Memory is Easier Than You Think

Having a Good Memory is Easier Than You ThinkDon’t you find it embarrassing when you can’t remember the name of the waitress who served you last week? Or the name of the your neighbor who came around to introduce himself to you just yesterday? You are not alone. In almost any society, when people are asked what is the biggest problem with their brains, most will say that memory is their greatest concern.

Interestingly enough, Read more →

How to Tell If the Person Is Lying

How to Tell If the Person Is LyingIf there is one thing people have been doing since the dawn of time, it is lying. Lying has become a part of our everyday conversation that most of us have spoken nothing but lies. There are also others who try to tell the truth but they are disregarded. People are much more interesting if they lie which ultimately becomes a downfall to your reputation. Lying makes you a distrustful person Read more →

Working on Your Fears

Working on Your FearsAs children, my brother, two sisters and myself we were not allowed to bring anything in the house that even resembled a snake. I remember once being at Geauga Lake, an amusement park near the Cleveland Ohio area and I had won a stuffed pink snake playing Ring Toss. This was a class trip and I knew I couldn’t bring it home so I gave the snake to one of my friends. Snakes in any shape or form was not allowed in our house Read more →