How to Immediately Increase Your Words Per Minute Speed by 10

How to Immediately Increase Your Words Per Minute Speed by 10Here’s a quick tip that will automatically increase your reading speed by 10 words per minute.

That means that every 10 minutes, you will gain 100 words over everyone else. Pretty good, right?

It’s very easy, very simple, and it only takes a second. So here’s what you do…

Before you read an article, identify 2 things:

1) the topic 2) the question that will be answered

So for this Read more →

How to Remain True to Yourself

How to Remain True to YourselfWhat does being true to yourself really mean?

It means being able to be “you”. The real you, whether you’re at the office or at home, or with friends or family, or with your partner or children, or with co-workers or your boss, or even with someone you don’t even know, you can be you.

The question then is, do you know who you are? This is one of the age old questions, “Who are you?”

Sometimes Read more →

Increase Your Chances of Financial Success in 7 Simple Actions

Increase Your Chances of Financial Success in 7 Simple ActionsExactly how does one go about eating an elephant? The (grinning) response is “One bite at a time!” It’s the same with any large task, really. Taken all-at-once it could be overwhelming. Break it down into parts, steps or sub-tasks, and each of these is not nearly so formidable. Those steps can each be something that isn’t so hard, something that you can do. And when you’ve done each one of the small-task Read more →

Is Your Brain Chemistry Out of Balance? 10 Clues

Is Your Brain Chemistry Out of Balance? 10 CluesYour brain chemistry drives you – it drives your energy levels, your moods, your thoughts, actions, behaviors, your beliefs, your desires, dreams, and motivations. And in turn these all drive your brain chemistry. Peak performance starts with understanding our body’s physiology.

Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, create and reflect our feelings moods, Read more →

Is There a Cream That Will Prevent Blushing?

Is There a Cream That Will Prevent Blushing?If you blush excessively and are embarrassed by it, you have probably wished for a magical cure at one point or another. Many people with the same type of problem may tell you that there are creams or gels that will help with the problem, and there definitely are companies selling preparations that are reported to help with the problem. Blushing is a physiological, emotional response that happens to humans involuntarily. Read more →

I Have a Little Talk with My Brain

I Have a Little Talk with My BrainNo one writes in the present tense but for this article we must. Everything is going on right now!

My motto is (and I know it’s good because I invented it): Never trust your brain: It’s double-sided and self-programmed.

I like to check with each side of my brain, one at a time, never together. I do this every eon or so just to see how things are going. Let’s check Read more →

How to Build Effective Rapport

How to Build Effective RapportEvery single person must and has built rapport at some time in their life. Whether the rapport is affective or ineffective is their choice. When building effective rapport you must:

Use proper use of language

Use attentive body language

Amplification your language

When using the proper use of language, you must conduct and use appropriate words, sentences and paragraphs Read more →