Topmost Reasons of Tension With Co-Workers

Topmost Reasons of Tension With Co-WorkersDealing with different people is not an easy task; it is not like working on your high school project that passes easily the other day. It is not simple as that. Especially in a working environment, you might even have that worst scenery that causes most of people much of the tension. Your not just dealing with the person but also to there attitudes, behavior and way of life Read more →

Your Inner Strength

Your Inner StrengthYour inner strength is where you draw your power from. It could be from past experiences that you learned from, it could be from faith in yourself, or from your faith in your religion. Your inner strength is constantly evolving.

As the New Year approaches you anticipate the changes that this New Year will bring forth. We have watched firsthand the furry that the force of nature carries. We have seen the acts Read more →

The Certain Way To Achieve Any Goal – Part 1

The Certain Way To Achieve Any Goal - Part 1How many times have you diligently made plans to change your life, set new goals and vow that you would stick to them only to find yourself a couple of days later back into the same old habits, forgetting to keep to that new exercise plan or making excuses to yourself that you will start again next week? Then you become disappointed in yourself and depressed because you feel you lack the power Read more →

Why Do I Write About Thoughts?

Why Do I Write About Thoughts?Few months ago one of my readers asked me if I’ve read self – help books before I wrote my ebook, and why do I write about frustrations and thoughts instead of more generic subjects like life succeeding for example or how to get the best of life for ourselves. And I have the intention to answer those questions with this article. Of course I emailed to my reader with my answer Read more →

Be Immune to the Good or Bad Opinion of Others

Be Immune to the Good or Bad Opinion of OthersWe like it when people praise us and we don’t like it when people condemn us. The secret to your spiritual growth comes when you become immune to both the praise and the condemnation. The law of attraction is at work at all times and it comes into play when you are concerned about the opinion of others.

The main problem that the good or bad opinions of others has for most sleepwalkers is that, no matter Read more →

Live an Optimal Life

Live an Optimal LifeThe path to responsibility

Moving from victim-hood to a more empowered position requires one fundamental step: taking responsibility for everything in your life. We might call it radical responsibility. After accepting responsibility, you’re essentially saying that you alone can determine how others affect you. No one has the power to make you feel miserable or angry, even joyous and beautiful Read more →

Living With A Narcissistic Lawyer

Living With A Narcissistic LawyerAlthough it sounds like a bad lawyer joke, believe me it is no picnic living with a narcissistic attorney, especially if he is a litigator. Some of the qualities of an aggressive litigator are indicative of narcissism: arrogance, aggressiveness, self-entitlement, and grandiosity, just to name a few.

Let’s be clear: having a big ego is not bad per se and in fact is essential for success in the court room. Read more →