The Most Important Word to Drive Your Faith

The Most Important Word to Drive Your Faith“We don’t enjoy being disciplined. It always seems to cause more pain than joy. But afterwards, those who learn from that discipline have peace that comes from doing what is right. Strengthen your tired arms and weak knees.” ~ Hebrews 12:11-12

FAITH is a landmark state of action where striding is not contained because of a lack of seen hope. Faith contends, even where evidence for contention Read more →

How to Triple Your Productivity in 28 Days – Part I

How to Triple Your Productivity in 28 Days - Part IThe quickest and easiest way to boost your productivity is to develop your concentration. Developing your concentration directly affects your self-discipline, perseverance, and the ability to accomplish the goals you set.

Why is this so?

Because concentration is a form of self-discipline, just over a shorter time span. When you focus your attention over a short time span, it’s called Read more →

A Heart to Serve

A Heart to Serve“God designed us for something greater than just the people in our home and in our employment,” said Pastor Aaron during Sunday’s sermon. “When God looks at us he sees a beautiful thing that He wants to shine in its beauty.”

Listening to these words, I could not help but think of Ron, the man whom I bought a computer from the night before. He told me his story. Read more →

7 Ways to Say “No”

7 Ways to Say Is the word “no” missing from your vocabulary sometimes, especially when you need it most? When you have difficulty saying “no” you find yourself having way to much to do and doing things you do not even want to do. You end up asking yourself over and over again, “Why didn’t I say “no” this time?” If someone asks you why you didn’t say “no” you might even answer that you just Read more →

Put Compulsive Lying Behind You And Move On

Put Compulsive Lying Behind You And Move OnCompulsive lying is something that can tear apart your relationships and life if you suffer from it. It is also something that seems impossible to get out of as each and every lie continues to build a story of deception that can seem to keep you imprisoned and unable to find a resolve. Whatever reason that triggered your compulsive lying the fact is that if you have suffered at its hands for a while that it would Read more →

You Only Get What You Ask For!

You Only Get What You Ask For!It seems like a very simple thing to ask for what you want in life. However many of us find it very difficult and maybe don’t even realize that we can do that. But we can – and it increases the likelihood of getting what we want enormously.

Asking for what you want is a great power you possess. Especially in these financially challenging times, it is important to use this power. You can improve Read more →

The Secret – Does it Work?

The Secret - Does it Work?The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is the latest self-help sensation. But does it actually work?

The main theme running throughout the whole book is the notion of thought. The current hype about the law of attraction rests its foundations on the notion of thought. Thought can bring love, happiness, money, and guide you through life. My opinion? I truly believe in this. The theory is approved of by great Read more →